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Digital Strategy

Gone are the days when there was one big ‘sweet shop’ in the town with a pot belly uncle sitting behind the counter. All, the uncle had in mind was that he had to open the shop at 8 in the morning and close it at 8 in the night. Keeping aside the initial arduous work that went into setting up the shop the life was mundane and tension-free for him, as he made big bucks without any fear of competition.

Now, it’s not the same, you open a business, and you keep working on it to make it better, to make it global, and to gain profit. Because now yours is not the only sweet shop in town, there are millions like you and you are constantly at test to win people’s attention.

This reminds me of yet another example that will clear my point. At a market in my hometown when we walked past the clothes shop, we were literally held by the shopkeepers to enter their shops. A remarkably similar situation is seen now; there are so many online websites and business’ that unless we don’t pull the crowd they won’t enter. And what do we have to do to allure customers? The same thing as those shopkeepers did. Make the shop (website) stand out, have the best clothes (reviews, articles) on display. Keep renewing it to be up to date with fashion, as in, keep modifying the website. This is called marketing strategy. Now, in the era of technology it is called digital strategy.


On the way-amico

The world is now about digital media. If it isn’t digital, it doesn’t exist.

Digital strategy, well the two terms ‘digital’ and ‘strategy’ simple as they are, hold a very significant place in our lives today. To make anything known or noticeable, we now have to make it digital. So why ‘strategy’? Well, to sell the plan or a product we need a plan.

No matter how good a photographer, if you don’t know Photoshop your skill won’t give you much. No matter how well your article is, if it is not SEO based not many would notice it. You may own a wonderful company but if you haven’t advertised it online, your business may not progress.

We may miss out talking to our parents or spouses a day but we never miss a day without being on phone, television, iPad, kindle or Xbox. A day sans digital equipment is like a day without one of our limbs. 

We have moved from codex to e-books. Digital-media is now economical than print-media. We get a newspaper for 1 dollar; we get the online version of it free. The kindle edition of a book is cheaper than a hardcover book. This is the power and reach of digital media. This is not it; we are moving much beyond this.

From device centric we are now application centric. 24th January is celebrated as the ‘World handwriting day’; many of us don’t even remember how ours looked like. Forget about handwriting, the upcoming generation will not be aware even of typing. We are entering the era where there is a constant struggle to use our brains more, so that we must use our bodies less.

Digital strategy makes sure that your business makes its existence over all the relevant online and mobile platforms, so that there is potential growth, and more crowd is allured. With websites, blogs, in short social media; digital strategy requires less effort to gain profit.

The strategy within strategy.

Now just making your stuff digital doesn’t end your task, you need to know further.

Key performance indicators are very important to evaluate brand’s projected returns. Like the television shows have TRP-‘television rating points’ that checks which are the most viewed ‘series’ and accordingly it gains profit. KPI is similar to TRP; the former is for web the latter for television.

Don’t sulk over the fact that you have immense talent yet nobody is noticing it, if you have got it then flaunt it. How? Go Digital!

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