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What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce (Electronic commerce) in lay man terms is business via an electronic medium like the internet. Ecommerce is a hit now. People find it easy to do grocery shopping online from sites like Woolworths and Coles. Similarly, there are websites that deliver to your doorstep-books, gadgets, clothes and what not.

The electronic business obviously needs electronic marketing so there are ads of the same on renowned sites like Facebook and Google.

Ecommerce though mostly done through World Wide Web, also makes use of mediums such as telephone, mobile, fax and email.

Online shopping invented by Michael Aldrich in 1979 led to ideas of online telecom industry, online banks, postal system, radio etc. Now, online retail sales make billion dollars with profit-percentage increasing every year.

Breakoff the uncertainties & lockdowns

In this ERA of uncertainties and lockdowns, E-Commerce industry is seeing an unprecedented growth. As an owner for your business, it is becoming vital to get online with your retail store. Business’s must adjust themselves to the growing demand and you need a digital agency who can assist you in achieving your goal. Connect2oZweb has expertise in different E-Commerce platforms including but not limited to Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce. We work with the best software and applications to make your business stand out. 

We have expertise in different eCommerce platforms

If you think of an Ecommerce website, you can’t forget open-source applications like Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce. These are the Ecommerce software built on open-source platforms. They help business dealers in making amendments to their website and its upgradation as and when needed. One can style their website as per the need of the clients with a lots of features like portable templates, flexible display options, concession rules, coupon management and many more.

Make it Possible

Our 5-step phased approach will help you reach online success, fast. 

Step #1


Collecting Information

Gathering your requirements and building your website
Each of the phases is carefully planned and executed at Connect2ozweb. Security is of paramount importance when creating an Ecommerce site and requires more attention. When data is collected from the users and as you become the custodian of that data, Protection becomes more and more important.

Step #2


Content Creation

Creating and uploading a great Website Content

Content is another critical aspect when building a website, to be successful quality content and promotion is the key. Your customers should understand the value proposition when they come on your website leading them to buy your product and in turn give your more sales. Connect2ozweb can help and provide you with expert ghostwriter services who can make it possible.

Step #3


Items Promotion

Promoting your Products
Promoting of products is the key to any successful business. It is of paramount importance that your products are relevant to your target niche market. We at Connect2ozweb can assist you by highlighting your product and enhancing the photos for your website.

Step #4


Optimization & SEO

Performance and SEO

Connect2oZWeb will ensure your website is well optimized to loads faster with seamless experience to your customers. Page freezes, product image glitches, checkout issues can lead to customer frustration and loss in sales. It’s a crucial facet in this competitive market and Connect2ozweb ensures the site  is properly checked before it’s uploaded to production

Step #5


eCommerce Website Promotion

Promoting Your Site

Congratulations we are done with your site, but how do you now bring customers to your site. Internet is full of E-commerce sites and getting your traffic on your site is a key component. More traffic to your site means more conversions. Connect2ozweb team have got an experienced team of AdWords, Digital Marketers and SEM and SEO experts. We work together with you to brainstorm and get your site on the top.

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