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Offsite & Onsite SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO can be classified in two types– Onsite and Offsite

Onsite SEO

This involves making changes to the webpages so that they are indexed in the correct way. This comprises:

  • Metatag adjustments
  • Content optimization
  • Source code optimization
  • XML sitemap setup

After establishing the most relevant keywords to be used on the webpages, the content should be designed in such a way that it’s woven around the keywords. The keywords should be scattered evenly throughout the content of the website. The keywords should be used in the titles and the headlines of webpages and most importantly in the URLs of those web pages, their meta tags, image tags and meta descriptions.

The only thing that needs to be done after this, is to revisit the website regularly and regulate the keywords. By adding more pages to the website one can boost rankings through onsite SEO. By blogging which is quite and easy way of onsite SEO, each new post that’s posted on the site provides it a fresh searchable and indexable page.

Offsite SEO

Good content indicators for search engines are third party websites providing backlinks to your website. The number of backlinks from other websites is in direct proportion to the quality of content on that website. However, this has also given rise to many black hat tactics in the past. So, it’s not just about the number of backlinks today but the number of quality backlinks that link to a website.

Ways to generate backlinks:

  1. Regular press releases is a good way of generating high quality backlinks to a website. One should ensure that these have suitable links that direct the user back to relevant pages on the website. After having run an SEO on the releases they should be disseminated through electronic wire service. This enables quality news sites to share the release with other similar online news sites. This in turn brings back quality links to the website.
  2. Guest blogging – by finding out what blogs the target audience goes to, a website owner can create top quality backlinks to their website. These blogs can be simply found out by googling on keywords such as ‘guest blog’ and the industry of the website. Website owners can then seek permission to put out a post which has relevant backlinks to their own website.
  3. Content marketing – By publishing content on the websites of bloggers and companies that are not competitors but have relevant websites and ensuring that the content contains relevant backlinks to their own websites, is another way of offsite seo.
  4. Social Media – creating content on social media sites like facebook, twitter and inviting people to like and share it can further bring traffic to the website.
  5. Directory Listings – getting listed in high quality business and local directories and creating backlinks to their own website, is another form of offsite SEO
  6. Link Building – website owners can contact other websites, bloggers and companies that have relevant businesses and ask them to link to the best content on their website. It also helps to build links by creating a network of websites that extend into interlinked industries. Owners should offer helpful links and information to their own and relevant third party websites.

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