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PHP: Hypertext pre-processor is an open-source server-side scripting language developed by Rasmus Lerdord in 1995. It is used for web development to create web pages dynamically

One of the advantages of PHP is that it can be embedded in an HTML document; the code is understood by the server with a PHP processor module which creates the web page. PHP is used by famous softwares like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and the like.
With PHP you can also open and close files on server, work with forms and cookies, limit access to certain pages on your website and alter database. Many versions of PHP are being released, each better than the previous, with added features and functionalities.
PHP is a hit as it is easy to learn and free to download. It is compatible with all servers and can run on various platforms. It also covers wide-range of database received better recognition from many of its competitors like ASP (Active Server Pages).

However, ASP didn’t lose heart and improved itself with a recent version –ASP.NET. ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft was released in 2002. ASP.NET is a server-side Web application structure for web development to create web pages dynamically.

One of the advantages of ASP.NET is that it is made on Common Language Runtime. Programmers can write ASP.NET codes by various support .NET languages. ASP.NET makes the client-browser experience easy. It helps in web services; you can run one application program on several servers, yet the entire application will work flawlessly. ASP.NET has access to a massive library from where you can retrieve data on classes, functions, methods etc. In ASP.NET, you don’t even have to type codes like in ASP to display data.

ASP.NET is programme compatible. You can use two programming languages like VB.NET and C to construct one web application easily.

VB. NET is the revolutionized form of Visual Basic based on .NET framework. It is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. With VB.NET you can make complicated applications with simple syntaxes.

We deal with PHP, ASP.NET and VB.NET development. These three are the latest gifts to technology, we unwrap these gifts, play with them all, to give you a better one.