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Semantic Search

Google Semantic Search

1997’s Disney movie named Flubber about a professor and his brilliant invention showed us what we see in today’s semantic search, something called artificial intelligence. Weebo who’s the professor’s personal device has the ability to access content from a huge pile of information. Essentially, this is what google semantic search does – it uses artificial intelligence to understand the meaning and intent of the searcher’s query unlike determining a keyword like in a dictionary. So then, google tries to decipher the relationship amongst the keywords and how they work together, thereby trying to decode the meaning and spilling out the closest search results.

Search Engine Land defines semantic search as a ‘unique search system that considers factors such as search context, location, and intent. Semantics can also search based on word variations, synonyms, specialized and generalized queries, concept matching, and natural language queries.’

Search is a very important constituent of web. The sea of information that’s available on websites would’ve been impossible to access had there been no search. Search is therefore an important tool to navigate the web. However, search is ambiguous. Not a long time ago we had to depend on boolean search which is a statistical analysis tool that uses the searchers ‘and’, ‘not’, ‘or’ and ‘near’ keywords to develop a probability model of answers to a search query. Boolean search relied on keywords and hoard of other complex factors. Seo, has therefore become such a big game with often a dodgy repute but with the advent of Semantic search, its becoming easier to find better and more accurate search results. For example, if one puts a query like, ‘what is the capital of Australia’, it provides a straightforward answer right on the search page itself.

The Pillar of Semantic Search

Google’s Knowledge Graph which is clustered information that strives to provide answers to possible search queries that searchers put in. So now google has the ability to make sense of the search query and with the help of knowledge graph its able to furnish contextual information as SERPs do not display just 10 blue links anymore.

Where does this position seo?

Its easier to play with keywords but not with the intent so if a website has to rank higher in semantic search, its not just enough for its web pages to have the right mix of keywords but it should also have its content created in such a way as to bring out the real meaning of that search query. With semantic search deciphering the meaning of the keywords to give accurate results will play an important role. When writing content the focus will have to be on the natural language for a person when he requests a query even though the searcher still focuses on keywords.

Methodologies of Search Semantics

Semantic search is dependant on language semantics. It is based on the intent, context, substance and idea of searched phrase. It also includes term synonyms, location, variations in words, current trends and some natural language aspects as part of the search. Different search algorithms and methodologies build Semantic search concepts.

According to Mäkelä there are five main methodologies:

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